Suspension Without Wages






This refers to the Show Cause notice dated ………………. issued to you for Misconduct (Negligence of duty) and the subsequent domestic enquiry held into the charge on  …………………. . During the proceedings of the said enquiry you were given full opportunities to defend your case. After careful consideration of the records and findings of the Enquiry Officers, we have found that the charge of negligence of duty‐ a case of misconduct brought against you has been proved sufficiently.  We have also scrutinized your past records and did not find any extenuating circumstances by which the gravity of offence could be reduced. Rather it was found that you committed the similar types of misconduct on a number of occasions in the recent past for which you had been


verbally asked to be more careful. Moreover, you were also warned to refrain from such activities but no improvement has been observed in your conduct. In view of the above facts and circumstances, we would have been justified in taking extreme/drastic disciplinary action against you. 


However, with a view to giving you the last opportunity to rectify your conduct, it has been decided to suspend you as a measure of punishment. Accordingly, you are hereby suspended for 07 days for the period from …………….. to ……………….. without any wages. Please take a final note of warning that, if you are found to be guilty of such or any other misconduct in future, we would not hesitate to inflict upon you the extreme punishment, if so warranted by the facts and circumstances of the case.


(Authorized Signatory)


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