Non‐Disclosure & Service Agreement







I, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (trainee), S/O  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ID no: xxxxxxxx,  Passport no: xxxxxxx, Designation: xxxxxxxxxx,  do declare that I commit myself to strictly follow the terms and conditions as follow:


(1)  I agree to avail training on ‘xxxxx (Name of the Training) from xxxxxxxxx (the institution with location and full address) arranged by _________ with full cost and other expenditures in value of Tk xxxxxxxxxxx (total cost involved for the training) approximately borne by the Group.  I also commit to continue my job with _________ for further xxxxx years with effect from the date of my resumption of job after training. I also agree that if I leave my job before completion of five years, _________ can take necessary disciplinary and legal action against me for violating the agreement.


(2) I must preserve, as confidential, during the period of my employment and also after its termination or expiration, all of the confidentiality of business e.g. information, documents, partnership, know‐how, formula, design, diagram, software code, processes, reports, inventions, management system, product research and development, market, goodwill, cost, profit, plan, method, buyer and supplier list, devices, trade secrets and communication, at any time known to me, whether or not developed by me during the training, employment or at any time in my possession or control. I will neither use nor allow any other person or entity to use in any way, except for the benefit of the management and as directed by the management, any of the confidential business information. 


(3) I further agree not to acquire any confidential business information through breach of any express or implied confidential relationship or by other improper means. 


(4) I will, prior to or upon leaving employment of _________, deliver to _________, any and all training materials, records, items and media of any type (including all partial or complete copies or duplicates) containing or otherwise relating to any of the confidential business information, whether prepared by or provided to me.


(5) I will be the whole‐time employee of _________ and will not engage myself in any other work, profession or employment either honorary or otherwise during the period of my employment without obtaining written permission from the management of _________.


(6) I will not, unless specifically empowered by the management of _________ or on its behalf, disclose directly or indirectly to any person or to the press, the contents of any official document or communicate any information which will come into my possession in the course of my official duties/training or have been prepared or collected by me in the course of those duties/training, whether from official sources or otherwise.


(7) I will not bring or attempt to bring political or other outside influence directly or indirectly to bear on the management in support of any claim arising in connection with my employment as such.


(8)  I will conform to all other existing rules and will carry out all other instructions of superiors as are given to me in connection with the day‐to‐day discharge of my duties while in employment of _________.


Any violation of the above mentioned terms and conditions will be treated as ‘Serious Misconduct’ as well as violation of law and the authority of _________ shall have the full right to take any sorts of legal proceedings according to the existing law of the land.


In all consciousness, I have read all the above terms and conditions set out therein, which I have fully understood and I hereby accept the same as those are critical to protect the interests of _________.



                For, _________               Trainee



Date:                           Date:





         Name & Designation      Signature             Date





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