Human Resources Policy Manual Section-6 (BENEFITS)




6.1 Group Insurance, Gratuity and Contributory Provident Fund.  Policies are under formulation.


6.2 Grant of Loan.   On compassionate grounds employees may be granted loan/advance salary, the total amount not exceeding equivalent to six months’ gross pay. The amount allotted to be refunded in maximum 12 (twelve) installments. Once a loan amount is adjusted, application for fresh loans is not allowed within next two years from the date of final adjustment except on extreme compassionate ground. (Loan Application Form is given at Annex P). All other instructions related to loan/advance salary is covered by policy letters already circulated.


6.3          Leave.


6.3.1 Types of Leave.  Subject to fulfillment of necessary conditions, the following types of leave will be admissible to the employees:


  1. Casual Leave.
  2. Medical Leave.
  3. Maternity Leave. 
  4. Compassionate Leave. 
  5. Marriage Leave.


6.3.2      Guidelines for Availing Leave.


  1. Leave is a privilege, not a right. The discretion of granting or denying leave lies with the Head of Department/Management based on the exigencies of service/business or seriousness of the reason for which the leave is applied. 


  1. Leave shall not be granted to an employee who is under suspension. 


  1. For any kind of leave, one has to fill up the Leave Application Form (Annex Q) and get it approved and signed by the concerned authorities as indicated in the form and submit to the HR Department. Submission of leave application after availing the same is unusual and discouraged. 


  1. In emergencies where employees are not able to inform in advance, it is expected and required that the employee informs his / her immediate superior regarding proposed leave and expected duration of the same over telephone. The person on receipt of such information in turn informs HR Department verbally/over telephone/by email.


  1. Employees must communicate   to HR Department within 24 hrs of rejoining and ensure that his/her leave record is updated. The HR department maintains leave record. 


  1. Any unauthorized leave would be viewed as absence and shall be treated accordingly. 


  1. The verbal intimation for intended leave should be made to the respective supervisor in person; no intimation through a colleague is acceptable. 


  1. If one is absent for three days or more without any information, shall have to give a written explanation of such act and shall be liable to appropriate disciplinary action.


j. Casual leave may be taken in continuation of or in combination with holidays including weekly holidays either prefixing or suffixing, but not the both.  


6.4 Casual Leave.   Casual leave means a leave of absence for a‐very short period of not more than 10 (ten) days in a calendar year and may be granted to an employee provided that:


‐     Maximum five days casual leave is allowed to be taken at a time;

‐     Casual leave is not combined with any other kind of leave;

‐   Casual leave not availed during a calendar year shall lapse on 31st December of the year.


6.5          Medical Leave.


  1. Application for medical leave shall be supported by a certificate from medical officer of _________, if available, or any other registered medical practitioner. 


  1. An employee may be entitled to medical leave on full pay normally up to 14 days in a calendar year. 


  1. In the event of prolonged illness, Management of _________ may sanction further medical leave without pay subject to a maximum of 60 days at a time. 


  1. For sudden sickness, employee will inform his/her department head and will apply for leave at the earliest after getting well. 


6.6          Maternity Leave.  A female employee is entitled maternity leave 


  1. A female employee, who has been working for _________ at least for one year (calculated till her expected delivery date) and who is permanent, is eligible for maternity leave (as per Section 46‐48 of Bangladesh Labour Act 2006). 


  1. Twin child delivery will be considered as single pregnancy and mother will be eligible for another maternity leave in future.


  1. During probation, maternity leave will be without pay.


  1. Employees will be granted 112 days consecutive leave with pay upon approval of her application. She will get 112 days’ payment in 2 (two) installments,  56 days’ pay in advance at the time of starting the leave and 56 days pay after delivery on submission of birth certificate. 


  1. The female employees who get 112 days leave with pay for child birth will also be entitled to annual leave with pay for the same year. 


  1. Maternity leave shall be granted after 28 weeks of pregnancy and application of maternity leave shall be made not less than two months prior to date on which it is desired that the maternity leave shall commence. 


  1. Female employees are eligible for another eight (8) months leave (without pay) if required for her complicacy regarding health or child care. 


    1. Compassionate Leave.    Three (3) working days in the case of the death of an employee’s father, mother, spouse, child, sister or brother.   This leave may be availed with any other paid leave.  


    1. Marriage Leave. Permanent employees are granted a marriage leave of 3 (three) continuous days including weekly and national holidays.


Leave Without Pay.   This type of leave is granted for authorized absence of employees when they have no leave to their credit. For availing such leave advance information to be provided and should be resorted to as a last resort after adjustment of all accrued leave.  

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